Kroyer Crates Restoration Project

So excited about my newly restored Kroyer crates!  These crates were built in the 1960's and were very popular among dog show people.  I was fortunate enough to acquire this stacked set from Deborah Brookes ("Deblin's" Scotties) and had them shipped to Texas.  Debbie was even able to locate one of the original arms to the crates and sent that along as well.  I contacted a furniture restoration fellow, Larry Mixon, who picked them up and went to work on the restoration.  Happily, Larry was able to clean up the rusty butterfly hinges, as well as most of the original hardware.  The only items that had to be replaced were the end caps (because some of them were missing), the hinges that lock the two crates together (because the original latches were crushed due to the crates taking a spill at some time in the past), and the clamp that holds the arm on.  Apparently, one of the prior owners lost the original arm and replaced the clamp to fit another arm.  When we located an original Kroyer arm, Larry was able to replace the clamp to fit it.  So excited to have this piece of dog show history!