Purchasing a Purebred Puppy

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? The Surprising Economics Of Purchasing A Purebred Puppy, by Allen St. John

The song got it right.  As much as dog lovers melt over a cute, cuddly puppy, when it…

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Feeding Newborn Puppies

Feeding the Puppy

Lots of times we have one or more of the puppies in a litter that need help during the first week. Right here is where we say, as clearly as possible, if you can't be available…

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My other job

In addition to Scottie activities, I have a career as a Board Certified Legal Assistant in Family Law at the law firm of Puhl, Berbarie & Hewett.  We just launched our new website and you can see it here:  http://www.myfamilylawyer.netRead more

Kroyer Crates Restoration Project

So excited about my newly restored Kroyer crates!  These crates were built in the 1960's and were very popular among dog show people.  I was fortunate enough to acquire this stacked set from Deborah Brookes ("Deblin's" Scotties) and had them…Read more

Stella and Chewy's Natural Raw Dinners

Here's a great concept!  Premium Raw Food, which has been freeze-dried to perserve freshness and safety when handling!  LOVE Stella and Chewy's. I crumble the patties up and sprinkle it over the scottie's kibble for extra goodness when needed.…Read more